Yashica-D repaired: Bend Classic Car Show

August 10-14th, 2016: 

I got my Yashica-D medium format camera repaired. I managed to track down a gentleman named Mark Hama who used to work at the factory that manufactured these cameras. He completely overhauled my camera, making it practically new again!

I got it back Wednesday August 10th. I needed something to shoot so I loaded a roll of Kodak Portra 160 and went down to the Bend Classic Car Show. I chose Portra because of it's muted colors, and I figured at the time most of these cars had such vibrant colors already. I did not need a film to enhance them further, and run the risk of too much saturation. 

A little more about Kodak Portra: as the name suggests it's a portrait film, a color negative with soft colors and medium contrast. While it's not as punchy as Kodak Ektar or fuji slide films, it still has the distinguishable trait of favoring reds like most (if not all) Kodak films tend to. 



While it still has muted colors Portra still loves reds!

Overall, I'm really happy with these photos given the time I went out which was high noon. The sunlight was very harsh and I shot the film at 100, rather than 160; meaning I overexposed it slightly. I did this on purpose to get the most shadow detail but honestly I'll shoot at box speed next time. I'm just happy my camera is working again, and even better than before.


Steve Badger

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