Revisiting Slide Film with Crater Lake Sunrise

August 16th, 2016:

I'm an intern at Crater Lake National Park. Not for the park itself but Oregon State University. I'm working as a field tech for a Sierra Nevada Red Fox survey being conducted inside the park.

In addition to needed field experience, I get to hike when I'm done surveying and enjoy outstanding views! A fellow student and I talked ourselves into getting up early to see the sunrise on her last day inside the park for the summer. We hiked to the top of the Watchman peak, a popular vista point to visitors and we were the first people there this morning. We watched in silence as the sun slowly rose above the horizon. A handful of people, mostly photographers, joined us just moments before sunrise. 


Marisa, an OSU graduate student at the main campus in Corvallis, Oregon, watching the sunrise. 

Shot on Fuji Velvia 100.

Another photographer stopped for a brief moment to take in the view.

Shot on Fuji Velvia 100.

Getting a decent composition was a little challenging. The Yashica-D lens is fixed at 80mm which is an equivalent to around 50mm on full frame 35mm format cameras. Which is a little tighter than I would like at times like this. 

Shot on Fuji Velvia 100.

Fuji Velvia is the most tricky film I've shot, it has the least tolerance for over and underexposure as well the narrowest dynamic range of any film I've used to date. It's a trade off of flexibility for viberant colors and clarity. Keeping this in mind, I'm happy with what I got out of these shots. I did learn a little more from them, I know for shots like these I need graduated neutral density filters to have some more flexibility in contrasty situations such as this.  


Steve Badger

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